A simulation engineer knows that there are two questions asked of any simulation analysis:

–          Is the simulation replicating accurately the actual casting conditions of the foundry?

–          How can we understand what the simulation is suggesting to do?

Castle Mind is an innovative tool design that aims to give the answer to these questions. It includes a powerful expert system which evaluates the casting design, optimizes the casting machine parameters through the PQ2 calculations and suggests the optimal gatings and process parameters.

Very fast – input data filling takes about one minute, the calculation is in real time – Castle Mind helps to replace the actual process conditions. One of the reasons is a result of the comprehensive description of the machine: the machine is described not only for its size or closing unit but also – and it makes the difference – for the injection unit. Accelerations, decelerations, delays, wear and tear of the machines are taken into account and the user is provided with the database of his own machines which may differ (very often) from a standard configuration. For example if Castle Mind calculates that the given machine is not able to reach a pre-set parameter (i.e. pressure or speed) the system suggests the modifications (such as a faster machine or a different plunger) and automatically adapts the calculation to the actual behaviour of the real machine.

Additionally Castle Mind – as an expert system – incorporates the foundry and moulding experience that is used to evaluate and supplement the theoretical formulae. The results of the calculations are expressed in a way that makes the results comprehensible and interpretable even for operators without a specific background; all the advice is provided in common foundry language rather than by numbers or colours.