Software support

According to our philosophy, our product is not only a software installed on a computer. Our actual product is customer satisfaction in using the software.  Our skilled support team can help customers to use the software in order to obtain better results in less time and improve die design and process. User’s training is always considered a part of our product as well as the following support that allows users to grow their knowledge whilst running the software. We offer support and maintenance plans tailored to customer’s needs and a service of fine customization and tuning of our software to fulfil user expectations.

Technical training

Software by itself can be considered a beautyful and expensive toy. We believe that, in order to really take advantage of simulation software benefits, user skillness and knowledge on the diecasting process must be improved before, during and after the use of software.

Metallurgy, melt treatment, process optimization, die design, quality control and part design optimization are only few of the training courses our experienced team can offer to our customers.

Technological training on HPDC can be addressed to software users as well as to workshop operators, technologists, quality control operator, die designers and product managers. We always offer tailor made training courses customized upon customer needs, technology, skill level and targets. Training courses always deal with both theoretical and practical aspects of the matter in order to allow a practical, direct and immediate application to solve problems. Please contact us for further details.

On demand simulations

Software simulation requires skills and time that not all companies are ready to offer their customers. We offer a fast on-demand simulation service to run analysis on customer geometries with our products. Our products can be used to run some optimization even before the die design is completed or can be used to run simulation on an almost finalized die to forecast critical issues before the die is put in production or to find smart solutions on badly running dies.

We offer maximum confidentiality in treating the data before, during and after the simulation: customers data (geometries, process data and confidential informations are always subject to NDA)

Our analysis are not only the software output report: simulation results are analysed and improved with our team knowledge to support our customer to solve its problems.


We offer an on-demand problem solving service to support our customers with: quality problems, die failures or production issues. We are able to help developing new projects from scratch or improving the existing ones, working typically beside our customers to enhance their knowledge.

Die casting equipment performance performance measurement, die thermal analysis by means of IR-thermography, on-site process optimization are also common activities for our team. We also offer high-tech  laboratory services to investigate quality defects or unexpected failures.


R&D is part of Piq2 DNA. We support our customers offering tailor-made solutions based on their research projects and product development needs. New technologies and new products require new solutions, and Piq2 is able to give its contribution on several aspects: metallurgy, simulation, process, part and die design.